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The Initiative on Islam and Medicine (II&M) is a leading research center at the intersection of Islam and Biomedicine. We produce groundbreaking scholarship that impacts the lives of Muslim patients, healthcare providers and religious leaders, using an innovative approach that draws insights from a diverse set of disciplinary experts from across the theological, social, and biomedical sciences. As a platform for impactful research, tailored education, and creative dialogue, II&M’s focuses on:

   Improving the health of American Muslims:

We assess how Muslim patients’ health behaviors and healthcare experiences are shaped by their faith, and mobilizing that knowledge towards the development of evidence-based and culturally-tailored health interventions and policies.

  Developing an academic, multidisciplinary field of Islamic Bioethics:

We describe the discursive and methodological gaps in the growing body of Islamic bioethics literature and work with scholars to fill these lacunae by establishing theologically-rooted normative goals and setting the disciplinary parameters of the field. By doing so, we assist Muslim patients, clinicians, chaplains, and Imams to engage with modern medicine faithfully.

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The Center adheres to the following guiding principles with respect to all charitable contribution support, all contracts and agreements for services and products, and all marketing activities:

    The Center shall at all times maintain its independence and autonomy to pursue its Mission, Vision, Values and to maintain its public benefit purposes free of outside influence or the appearance of such influence.

  The integrity, professionalism and accountability of all Center programs, publications, communications, research and other projects and activities are solely the responsibility of the Center.

   At all times in the pursuit of its Mission and Vision, the Center shall strive to foster an atmosphere that promotes civil discourse and the robust exchange of ideas.


  Developing an academic, multidisciplinary field of The Center is and shall be solely responsible for the structure, direction, measurement, administration and control of its programs, projects and events, and for all Center operations. The acceptance of financial support or other beneficence from any outside source, or the fact of a contract or agreement with any other party, does not and shall not mean or imply the Center’s endorsement or approval of any such party’s activities, operations, products or services.

  The Center encourages its supporters to permit public acknowledgement by name. The Center does not accept anonymous gifts from corporations, including nonprofit organizations, faith-based and fraternal organizations, professional associations or business leagues. When an individual donor wishes to remain anonymous, gifts and grants with that philanthropic gesture must comply with other provisions of this policy

  All philanthropic support of the Center shall be recognized, disclosed or included on the Center’s website, and in appropriate publications from time to time. Public disclosure of commercial transactions which are protected by agreement or applicable law may be made in a manner consistent with such limitations as determined by the Center CEO with the advice and consent of the board.

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UI Development

Course Title

UI Course

Course Instructor:

Bilal Khan

John Smith

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Course Duration:

2 Months

Course Instructors

Paper Team: Muslim Patient Needs
Paper Team: Chaplaincy
Religious Coping

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