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We will continue to serve by

  • Delivering theologically-robust and research-tested workshops that fill in the biomedical and bioethical knowledge gaps of Muslim clinicians, patients, chaplains, and religious leaders.
  • Designing data-driven policy solutions, teaching tools, and programs that help healthcare systems become more accommodating of Muslim patient and clinician cultural and ethical values and needs.
  • Empowering our Muslim community through scholarly research, training, and consultancy programs.

In 2022, we will..


our organizational infrastructure, enhance our capabilities, & growing the team needed for expanding and implementing our goals.


quality, accessible and certified courses on Islamic bioethics, Muslim cultural competency, and research methods.


our decade of research data and intervention programs into policy recommendations, decision aids, & educational resources.


podcasts on critical issues at the intersection of Islam and biomedicine

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into healthcare, bioethics, & policy

As Muslims, when we interact with the world around us, we often turn to our faith and Islamic principles for guidance and support. When it comes to healthcare environment this rings true when we encounter specific challenges- both as clinicians and as patients- emerging from our need to keep up with religious values and rituals, and due to the adversity we face on account of our minority status. Muslims are vastly under-represented in the biomedical literature for every 7 papers about Christianity and every 6 papers about Judaism, there is only One on Islam


Initiative on Islam and Medicine (II&M) impacts the lives of Muslim patients through innovative and collaborative approach with religious leaders, healthcare providers and Muslim patients to instill/Hikmah/Wisdom in healthcare.

Without your support, our reach and advocacy for the Muslim community will be severely compromised and may not be able to survive. Just as our works are multiple in this month, we hope your generosity will weigh heavily on your scales and provide lasting impact of our future generations.

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Influencing Public Discourse of Muslims and Healthcare

Our Research has been featured in several of the top ten news outlets in the U.S

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Did you know?

While 85% of American Muslim physicians report being familiar with Islamic bioethics...

  • 55% Never or rarely read Islamic bioethics books.
  • 64% Never or rarely consult Islamic jurors.
  • 71% Never or rarely consult local imams.
  • 79% Never or rarely look to Islamic medical fiqh academy verdicts

American Muslim physicians and patients may not know what they do not know! They struggle to find religious resources to help with complex ethical challenges.

The initiative on Islam and Medicine leads research and education programs to fill this gap. We bring together clinicians, imams, and scholars to discuss the pressing bioethics issues facing medicine today.

What do Muslims need?

Men, Women, South Asians, Arabs, Africans, Americans all agree

  • Gender-concordant care
  •  Halal food in hospitals
  • Neutral prayer facility
  • Muslim health leaders want to champion
    culturally sensitive care for Muslims.
  • But policy makers ask for data to
    support what Muslim patients desire.
  • Our studies are among the 1st to
    provide such data.
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