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Medical Student Internship Form

Medical Student Internship Program in Islamic Bioethics & Muslim Health Research


The Initiative on Islam and Medicine’s Medical Student Internship is a competitive enrichment program that provides directed learning experiences and stipend support for medical students. Trainees undertake a mentored reading course on the discourse of Islamic bioethics covering critical concepts in Islamic theology and law seminal works in the extant Islamic bioethics’ literature. In addition, interns will participate in data collection and analysis, literature review, and manuscript writing for a Muslim health research and/or Islamic bioethics-related project to build their research and scholarship skills. Finally, the internship will involve a service component where the interns will perform critical organizational and/or marketing tasks at the Initiative.


Eligible participants must be full-time medical students in good standing at any medical school. Non-traditional or gap year students still enrolled in medical school are also eligible to apply.


Interns are required to spend the equivalent of 8 weeks full-time with the Initiative between June and August 2022, and applicants need to indicate their internship dates on the application form. Beyond these 8 weeks interns will continue to work on their project deliverables, i.e. papers, and receive mentorship as schedules permit.


Participants will principally be taught and mentored by Dr. Aasim Padela. However, depending on the project select they will interact with other Initiative on Islam and Medicine board members, research professionals and interns.


Up to two participants will receive a stipend of $5000 to subsidize living, course and travel costs during the duration of the internship. Students are responsible for making their own travel and housing arrangements. Non-stipendiary spots are available.


The application deadline for all participants is January 5th, 2022, at 5pm CST. Participants that pass a preliminary screening will be asked to attend a phone interview. Notification of acceptance into the program will be delivered around March 1st, 2022. Please address questions to [email protected]
Personal Information
Personal Statement

Please attach a 1-2 page essay (double spaced) addressing the following:

Discuss your interest in Islamic Bioethics and/or Muslim Health Research, along with any prior experience within the field. Explain what draws you to this research opportunity and describe your expectations for the program.

Non-Stipendiary Position

Medical Student Internship Requirements

*Please submit the following form, completed, along with the listed supplementary materials:  
  1. One letter of recommendation written by a faculty member that addresses academic standing, personal qualities, and skills.
  2. One letter of recommendation written by a research advisor/mentor or an Islamic studies teacher that addresses prior experience, knowledge, and skills.
  3. Personal Statement covering the points noted below
  4. CV

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