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Multidisciplinary Symposium on Islam and Biomedicine

Sept 8-9, 2018

Gordon Center, University of Chicago

Symposium Overview

By bringing together an international cohort of academicians, clinicians, and Islamic seminarians, this symposium and workshop aims to fill a major lacuna within academic discourse on the scholastic traditions of Islam and the human sciences. The symposium, sponsored by the Templeton Foundation and co-organized in collaboration with the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, will focus on the relationships between Islamic theology and metaphysics in addition to how theological and metaphysical constructs within Islam interfere with the science and practice of medicine.

Welcoming Remarks

Dr. Aasim I. Padela

University of Chicago

Medical Knowledge and Concepts of Health in Medieval Islamic History

Prof. Peter E. Pormann

University of Manchester

Prof. Ahmed Ragab

Harvard University

Interfaces Between Biomedical Knowledge and Islamic Epistemology

Prof. Ayman Shabana

Georgetown University

Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed

University of Oxford

Dr. Aasim I. Padela

University of Chicago

Keynote Address: A Ghazalian Approach to Integrating Science and Theology

Prof. Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti

University of Oxford

The Soul, The Psyche, and The Reality of Death: Bridging Philosophy, Theology, and Lived Tradition

Dr. Mehrunisha Suleman

University of Cambridge

Shaykh Dr. Asim Yusuf

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Dr. Rafaqat Rashid

AlBalagh Academy

Keynote Address: Reconsidering Religion vs Science Debate

Prof. Omar Qureshi

Zaytuna College

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