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Sondos Al Sad

Sondos Al Sad, MD, MPH, NCMP

Associate Clinical Professor
Family and Community Medicine Department
Women’s Health Primary Care
University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

Dr. Sondos Al Sad is currently an associate clinical professor at the Department of Family and
Community Medicine, UCSF. She is a nationally certified Menopause provider. She is a part of
The Family & Youth Institute’s Research Team, a member of the North American Menopause
Society (NAMS) Education Committee (NEC), a speaker at the Islamic Network Group
intercultural speakers’ bureau (ING ICSB), a mentor at Zakat Foundation mentorship program, a
mentor at Jordanian American physician(JAP) and American Board Certified Doctors for Egypt
(ABCDE), and a provider in a free APNA clinic Bay Area.

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