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Dr. Iman Farajallah

Dr. Iman Farajallah

Paper Team: Muslim Patient Needs

Dr. Iman Farajallah Biography Doctor of Psychology(PsyD) Dr. Iman Farajallah is a Doctor of Psychology (PSY.D.) in Clinical Psychology. She has a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and a Master of Behavioral Science Degree in International Relations. She also holds a certificate from the California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators (CAADE), a Diploma in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Erasmus University in partnership with the Institute of Rotterdam, and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Dr. Farajallah is the founder and the president of Iman Network, a nonprofit that focuses on mental health, education, empowerment, and relief. Dr. Farajallah is a psychologist in San Francisco, CA. She currently work as psychologist at Hyde Street Community Services Inc serving the underserved population that suffers from mental illness and addiction. She also works as an Adjunct Faculty at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. She is a professor at Sofia University in Palo Alto, teaching Religious Diversity in Counselling, Psychopathology, Ethics, and Research. She is a researcher at the Muslims & Mental Health Lab at Stanford University. Dr. Farajallah is an established researcher and writer and recently published three articles on the pandemic: “Positivity during a Pandemic: Can COVID-19 raise the psychological immunity of individuals and society?” “Positivity during a Pandemic: Looking at the Glass Half Full,” “Coping with Pandemics: Psychological and Spiritual Lessons from Islamic History,” and “The Psychosocial Impacts of War and Armed Conflict on Children. ” Dr. Farajallah is also researching and developing treatments for mental health illnesses from Islamic approaches for mental health professionals that tailor to the specific needs of the Muslim population for the American Psychiatric Association. She also provides training on PTSD and trauma to psychology students in the Gaza Strip. Additionally, Dr. Farajallah produced a documentary named “Gaza’s Children: Innocence Lost.” She is currently in the process of publishing a book and producing a documentary that address the psychological impacts of war on children.

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