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Fatema Mirza, MBA, MPA, PMP

Fatema Mirza, MBA, MPA, PMP

Co-Founder, Worry Free Community

Besides being a co-founder of Worry Free Community, Fatema Mirza has initiated and led several community health projects in past 12 years and provided healthcare and IT consultation to health care entities on electronic medical records, Accountable Care/Managed Care regulations, JCAHO and Medicare accreditations. She helped set up the Senior Health Insurance Program sites for faith-based and community-based organizations and designed Community health training programs to support the projects in mosque communities. She has been a co-founder of several organizations including Worry Free Health, Max Care Home Health Services, Max Health Network, and Worry Free Community (WFC). While serving on the board of Compassionate Care Network, she designed and implemented a community health worker training program and incorporated the peer education methods and principles of Community Based Participatory Research. As the executive director of WFC, she strives to bridge the gap between healthcare competency and health disparities through training and workshops for all ages. Through her signature Program F.L.O.W. (For the Love Of Wisdom) she is currently rolling out a Health Coverage Counselor program to support health access needs for the local community by housing them at Community Based organizations to get them engaged in community health leadership.

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