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Sondos Al Sad

Sondos Al Sad

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, The Ohio State University
Contact Details
  • 414-955-1175
  • [email protected]
  • 19-J David Road H Block, Orlando, USA
Courses of Expertise
  • Shariah Laws
  • History of Islam
  • Modern Era Needs
  • Organizing Help

Sondos Al sad is currently an Assistant Professor at the College of Medicine, Ohio State University, Department of Family and Community Medicine. She is the head of Education Department of Noor Islamic Cultural Center (NICC) in Dublin, Ohio, and part of The Family & Youth Institute’s Research Team since 2016. She is national certified Menopause provider, with focus on Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health, and interest in Preventive Medicine, Healthy equity, and Minority Health. She is currently leading the Muslim Mentorship program at NICC, and NICC Muslim Mental Health Lab.

She states that joining the leading and innovative institute of Initiative on Islam and Medicine (II&M) is a milestone in her pursuit for prudence in delivering health care for patients and insightful medical education.

Al Sad’s testimonial: “I do believe that Islamic creed is affluent in practices that can fortify the art of Biomedical sciences. II&M is the only center I know of nationally that can impactfully bring this wealth to professional and lay communities alike through high caliber research and candid dialogues.”

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