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What Is EMPART Study

Equipping Muslims with PCOR-Based, Action-Oriented Research Tools [EMPART]

Equipping Muslims with PCOR-Based, Action-Oriented Research Tools [EMPART] is an ongoing study that serves as a follow-on project from our E-MARCH (Engaging Muslim Americans For Research on Community Health) Project. This study is being run in collaboration with Worry Free Community under the supervision of principal investigators Dr. Aasim Padela and Fatema Mirza (WorryFree Community).
Through funding from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), the research team will use the Mosque-based toolkit, and draw upon others relevant to the faith-based community contexts (e.g., Pastors4PCOR) to accelerate the uptake and adoption of PCOR/CER for community health outcome improvement in Chicagoland-area mosques.


This is a community-based healthcare project to amplify and channel all patients’ and caregivers’ voices in mosque communities using a patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) approach to address key Muslim community health needs and disparities. 


We have trained community health workers (CHWs) to share and implement PCOR principles in mosques and facilitate data-gathering in order to improve well-being, medical & social services in Chicagoland’s Muslim communities.


The Muslim communities of Greater Chicago have been long underserved, under-represented and undervalued within the healthcare and health research. Through community partnerships, we aim to find solutions that will address Muslim communities’ needs within the healthcare sector, leading to improved health outcomes.

Project Benefits

The project directly impacts all community members because healthcare needs affect us all. Patient-centered projects build capacity across the entire community and their success and failure depend on the involvement and support of all types of community members. It is important to have the support of not just patients and their caregivers, but also healthcare and social service providers and non-profits.

How To Get Involved

Anybody with a stake in community health and well-being is invited to join us! Some key ways to get involved: Become a community partner and joining the first-ever comprehensive Health Asset Map for Muslims in Chicagoland. Bring your concerns to the monthly Stakeholder Meetings with CHWs as a patient, caregiver or a community member. Reach out to us anytime if you or your organization want to learn techniques to improve the health status of Muslims in our communities.


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